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Manners Over Muscles

I spent all day yesterday eagerly awaiting the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had been out running errands in my car when I began to hear how some snowflake didn’t open up properly at the ceremonies-you would have thought by the level of criticisms being hurled a part of the stadium had collapsed and crushed half of the words elite athletes rather than a snowflake malfunction.
Finally the moment arrived-I plopped down on my bean bag next to the fire, turned on the Olympics and sat mesmerized with my family as we watched the opening ceremonies. They were STUNNING!!! I can only imagine the pride the Russian people and their government felt as they offered their best for the world to see. The culmination of years of work and decades of dreaming of shrugging off the Cold War Communist Cloak and strutting their priceless new image.
Now I’ve not been to Russia, I’m not a diplomat, a NY Times reporter, an Olympic athlete, a foreign correspondent, or a trust fund baby who jets over to be an Olympic spectator…HOWEVER LET ME TELL YOU WHAT ELSE I’M NOT
-I’m not so darn rude as to when someone spends 50 gazillion dollars and invites me for a visit and sets out the best they have to tweet pictures of their dirty laundry instead of the gourmet meal they fed me and the place they set for me at their table.
-I’m not such a darn 1st world twinkle toed princess that I freak out upon seeing stray animals and alert the media like I just saw a terrorist with a bomb.
-I’m not so darn insecure and envious as to not have the graciousness to celebrate in another’s accomplishments rather than pick them apart.
-I’m not so darn ignorant as to have relied on TV for my education on world matters or any matter- for that matter!
-A lifelong athlete who dreamed of being in the Olympics and of my children being in the Olympics who loves watching the magical moments when a head bows and a medal is slipped over it and a dream becomes a reality.
-An American who would hope for every country in the world and its people to know the freedom and blessings we have as Americans.
- A person who has seen a world outside of my own and realizes its made up of people who hope, dream, cry, celebrate and I am not better than them.
- And last but certainly not least I am someone who with great anticipation throws a celebration and hopes that the people I’ve invited will know that I think of them as my honored guests, that they will enjoy and appreciate what I have prepared for them and sacrificed of my time and resources for them and yes be impressed. I can only hope that generous gesture will fall on people with the character to FB Post a thank you of the good at my party and not my laundry room!
It’s the Olympics people, the whole world is watching- don’t be a loser!

Thanks for Dreaming and Scheming with me of a world that passes out medals for character…ok I admit it and of being able to medal at age 40 in the uneven bars in the Olympics-obviously my blog is appropriately named,

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