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Let’s Meet

Brandie Dickerson darker frecklesHi y’all! I’m Brandie; thanks for stopping by and Dreaming and Scheming with me. I wish that we were meeting in person over a glass of sweet tea, but this will do for now. I live in the “Hospitality State” on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with my adorable kiddos and my “man” whom I’ve been happily married to since 2000…the verdict is still out on his happiness. :)

I am an Interior Designer, and founded Brandie Dickerson Designs in 2009. You can usually find me in my workshop in one of my worn out “paint dresses” (yes a dress- you need all the breeze you can get in 100% humidity) taking upcycled furniture and transforming it. In my adventurous quest to find my niche’ I have been a Realtor, stand-up comedian, private cook, fitness consultant, and approximately 42 other jobs. I LOVE to write, and it actually comes easier to me than design. In high school I was voted most likely to write a book (clearly they didn’t take into account my attention span, thus the blog). This is not a design blog, mommy blog, DIY blog, food blog, political blog, or a faith blog- though we’re going to cover all that. This is a life blog, a “Life Uncaged” blog.

So take the hinges off the door (to avoid any chance of recapture), hit the subscribe button, and fly away with me -because I’m always Dreaming and Scheming.