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It’s Fall Y’all!


Well, I can still lay out in a bathing suit here in fabulous South Mississippi and have my A/C running 24-7 but nonetheless it’s fall y’all!
Every year we have a big family thanksgiving dinner with my husbands family and it’s my job to bring the paper products, banana pudding, spiral ham, and pewter turkey platter-when I remember it :-) It’s one of my favorite parts of fall!
Another great part of fall is that Twenty Five of my fellow bloggers are letting you inside their home to tour their Fall decor and it is one fabulous tour! I was impressed and hope to be included in a tour one day. So click on this link and right from your seat go on a fabulous fall tour!!! Oh and there is a fabulous giveaway from Somerset Bay please let the bloggers know I I invited you to their house when commenting :-)
I’m Dreaming and Scheming of turning off the A/C,

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Melanie Hinton 10/9/13

I can’t wait to see ya”ll at thanksgiving. I have the whole week off!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 10/13/13

Yay! I was tempted to buy some beautiful dishes with turkeys on them but then I thought about having to do the dishes and said- paper will be fine!

Melanie Hinton 10/18/13

Your idea about dishes has sparked a thought…Nana’s china has a wheat pattern in muted browns…very Fall-ish don’t ya think?

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 10/21/13

Can you send me a picture? Is there enough for us?

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