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Glimpses Of A Dream…

Today was my second day back in the gym I got busy and missed 827 days straight-but it’s all good I’m back and I brought my cellulite with me.  Yesterday I worked out with two friends one of whom was 24 weeks pregnant.  Right now make yourself a mental note to never, ever work out with a pregnant woman who is in shape and can bench press the combined weight of the six kids she already birthed-especially when you look like your about to drop a set of triplets and you’re not even pregnant.  There is no wiggle room, no excuse that seems legit enough when the pregnant woman says ”will 100 pounds be O.K. on this machine” after she just whipped out about twenty reps at twice that weight while talking about feeding her children organic farm raised livestock meanwhile, you’re just trying not to throw up the sausage egg biscuit you ate at Waffle House-don’t judge me or Waffle House!  The point I’m trying to make is this-I am now crippled.  Despite this I am committed to strip the mushy, dimply layers of poofiness away to reveal the beast of an athlete underneath or at least look half as good as the avatar of me created by Natalie at Savoir Faire Media which you can see here.  Clearly, my Avatar has been faithfully attending the gym.

Anywhoo, like I was saying I can barely walk so I went where all the other people who can barely walk who attend the gym go to-water aerobics.  Not just any water aerobics, Zumba water aerobics!  Now let me explain something to you right up front-I don’t dance-at all-as in it would take an entire semester to teach me the electric slide, as in my sister was a choreographer and kicked me out of her dance class (I forgive you and I’m also really glad I never had to frolic around with those hoops with streamers coming from them).   Now, in all honesty I like water aerobics, some see it as the sport of the elderly but I see it as the class I can go to and without a doubt be the fittest, youngest, hottest, looking thing in a skirted bathing suit for miles- so yeah I’ll be back.  Plus a little known fact about me is elderly people are my absolute favorite people group and I actually served two years as a nursing home chaplain.

Today however, wasn’t just my second day back at the gym, or just Wednesday today was a special day as it marked the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech.  I am a lover of inspired words of truth and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s heart was full of them and they flowed out of his mouth like a life giving stream.  What does this have to do with my trip to the gym?  Well let me tell you.  I arrived early and was one of the first few people in the pool.  There was nothing to do but swim around, observe my surroundings and chat with the few senior citizens in the pool who clearly were the best of buds.  The one man in the pool at the time seemed especially happy to see me-I was working that one piece! ha-ha   A few more trickled in all of them 60-80 years old at best.  Then I noticed a very elderly white man, large in stature, we’ll call him  Mr. “Bill” slow and painfully making his way down the pool steps, so painfully in fact I wanted to offer help but I dare not insult his manhood.  I smiled, he smiled back and I continued to wait for class.  Then I caught a glimpse of it.  You can always see it if you’re looking.  You can see it even when the media tries to drown it out, you can see it even when experience tries to taint it, you can see it even when poverty pimps and racial pot stirrers try to distort the view, you can always catch a glimpse of it if you’re looking, a glimpse of THE DREAM reflected in the shadow of today.  I glimpsed it when 80 year old Mrs. “Jewel” who was moving tentatively, painfully, down the stairs, they were her nemesis, at least they were until Mr. ”Bill” hobbled over, lifted her into his arms like a man carrying his bride over a threshold she wrapped her arms around his neck and he carried her to the spot she selected in the pool and set her down ever so gently.  Only moments later I glimpsed it again in the hot tub directly across from the pool I noticed a middle age physically handicapped white woman with extreme difficulty in walking and a young black man with perfectly polished pectorals and wash board abs (hey I’m a designer I have a keenly observant eye).  As the woman went to exit the hot tub he chivalrously extended his hand and guided her safely out.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Today as in many times before I saw a glimpse, a shadow, of what was and is Dr. MLK’S Dream, it doesn’t mean we live in a world free of injustice but it does mean that the work he and many others did long before I was born affords us all a glimpse of THE DREAM today.  You can always see it if you’re looking.  

Speaking of Dreams- this is my first ever blog post!  You will see others preceding this one but that’s because my awesome graphic designer posted them for me to give me a little jump start!

Thanks for Dreaming and Scheming with me,




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Natalie 8/30/13

great first post Brandie!!! xoxo

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks Natalie! Everyone is loving your fabulous design of my blog and I love it too! Your link was my first ever official link in a post! I look forward to collaborating with Savoir Faire Media for a long time!

Carrie 8/30/13

I really enjoyed reading your was funny,real and educational ..I’m proud to call you my friend even if I haven’t seen you since our young school days. I always enjoy seeing pictured of you’re design work, it seems as though you are just as talented and cleaver at writing !

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Awe than you sweet friend! I appreciate those kind and encouraging words! It seems like many moons ago we were at BBC! I hope you will stop back by the blog again!

JannYvette Angel-Byrd 8/30/13

Perfect! What a lovely blog! It is so stinkin’ cute like you and your writing is wonderful. Congratulations and may there be many years of exciting things you share with us. A toast to you.

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks so much for your sweet comments! I so appreciate them! I hope you will stop back by the blog :-) Have a great day!

DesignedByBH 8/30/13

Great post, Brandie! I know you’ve been working really hard on getting your blog up and going and it looks GREAT! I loved your story about water aerobics and what you observed in the people around you. Very neat. And congrats on working out in any way, shape, or form–I can’t bring myself to do it!!!! :)

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments! As far as the working out goes, I grew up an athlete so I do it because it is just part of who I am and when I don’t do it, it really affects my moods and overall energy and health. If you ever decide to start just don’t over do it because that will make you never want to do it again! Thanks again for reading the post I hope you will stop back by!

Angie 8/30/13

YAYYYY!!!! I am so happy for you! I absolutely LOVE your blog design. Everything about it is perfect. Best of luck to you!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks so much sweet Angie! I love my blog design too! Best of Luck to you! Your work is beautiful!

Brandi 8/30/13

Brandie, you are a rock star! You write so eloquently and I love your sense of humor! Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks so much Brandi! We Brandie’s/Brandi’s/Brandy’s know how to groove :-) And anybody that knows us should have a clear understanding of why they shouldn’t disturb it!haha Thank you for sharing my first ever blog post with me! I hope you will visit again! I am following you on Instagram probably twitter too but I don’t quite get Twitter yet!

Vandy 8/30/13

‘Glad you dreamed and schemed … I read and said, “You Go GIrl!”

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thanks so much! I love you and I got to keep up with your mad writing skills!

Lindsey, the Redhead Baby Mama 8/30/13

I wish I could have seen him speak – what an icon and voice of unity.

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Hi Lindsey, I have a redhead and I love her so much-her hair is straight for the most part but when she wakes up it is out of control-I was thinking of just doing a photo album of her hair in the mornings!haha I wish I could have seen him speak as well. Mrs. Jewel said her husband was there that day when he gave the I have a dream speech! I wanted to share more about her and what we chatted about later in the steam room but the post was getting quite long. Thanks for reading the blog I hope you will come visit again!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles 8/30/13

Congratulations on the new blog, Brandie- you’re off to a great start! You have a great balance of humor and inspiration- love it. :)

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/30/13

Thank you so much Sheila! I really appreciate it! I am going to go over and check out Plum Doodles :-)

Leah Dunkin 8/31/13

Brandie, I love to hear you share your mind and heart whether it be spoken or written! You have a gift to make anything beautiful! Love you! Proud of you!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/1/13

Awe Leah that is so sweet of you to say that! I appreciate the encouragement and your friendship! Love you!

Cindy 8/31/13

“Clearly, my Avatar has been faithfully attending the gym.” You goofball. I just saw you a month ago, and you looked great. Congratulations on getting your blog up and running! What a trip it is, huh?

Love you! xo

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/1/13

I love you sweet friend! You have no idea how much I can eat in a month! haha

Niki 8/31/13

Brandie, you are an excellent writer!! You had my love and affection when you said you loves the elderly. I have a 105 year old great grandmother, as well as other aging grandparents who are near and dear to my heart! If only our whole world looked like those two instances you saw at the pool. I can’t wait to read more from you…congrats on the new blog!!!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/1/13

Thanks so much! The elderly are true treasures! I am so glad you have had your grandparents so long!

erika 9/1/13

Awesome! and so true! Olay Mae would love it!!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/1/13

Thanks! Yes Mrs. Jewel reminded me some of Ola Mae because she was so tall!

Lorraine@MissFlibbertigibbet 9/8/13

Oh EM Gee girl…….just jump right in with that post!!! Welcome to the blogging world!! Great job!!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/9/13

Thanks so much I really appreciate the encouragement!

Sarah 9/17/13

Nice job Brandie. you write beautifully.

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 9/17/13

Thanks so much Sarah I appreciate it! Thank you for advocating for “little books” in your work with CASA, because of you the library is a safer place :-)

destiny glimmer 9/5/14

Too bad we have to return them .

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