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When The Lights Go Out In The City

So what had happened was… I parked at the Memphis Walmart entrance and the doors were locked for the night on the side I parked on so I walked to the other door…a sure enough disco inferno storm blew in knocking out the power-when the emergency lights came on I was face to face with

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2 July 9th, 2014 in Let's Chat

Manners Over Muscles

I spent all day yesterday eagerly awaiting the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had been out running errands in my car when I began to hear how some snowflake didn’t open up properly at the ceremonies-you would have thought by the level of criticisms being hurled a part of the stadium had collapsed

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+ February 8th, 2014 in Let's Chat

Thanksgiving, Roach Motels, and B&B’s

I have several posts I have written and not published because they were not quite done.  I am taking the time I have while cooped up in my posh hotel suite complete with lumpy pillows, enough secondhand smoke from the room next door to need a chest x-ray upon leaving, men that crank their diesels

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+ November 28th, 2013 in Let's Chat

For The Love Of A Book

Today as I came out of the dressing room from trying on clothes I heard someone call my name. They had a distinct voice that I knew instantly from childhood. It was the now grown version of a little girl who was a family friend and whom I had sometimes babysat while her single parent

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28 September 16th, 2013 in Let's Chat

Glimpses Of A Dream…

Today was my second day back in the gym I got busy and missed 827 days straight-but it’s all good I’m back and I brought my cellulite with me.  Yesterday I worked out with two friends one of whom was 24 weeks pregnant.  Right now make yourself a mental note to never, ever work out with a

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31 August 30th, 2013 in Let's Chat

Atlanta Bound for Haven!

We are on our way to our second Haven Blog Conference, held August 1 – 3rd.  We can’t wait to learn all about blogging, DIY, SEO, and will post pics and more as soon as I return! Haven Bound Baby!!! See you in Atlanta!

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12 August 1st, 2013 in Let's Chat
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