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I recently completed the interior design of a home in a neighborhood called Traditions. It is a lovely neighborhood with its own YMCA, a little cafe and grocery. The owner like so many of us had many wonderful things they had collected and been handed down over the years but was at a loss of

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10 November 27th, 2013 in Let's Design

It’s Fall Y’all!

Well, I can still lay out in a bathing suit here in fabulous South Mississippi and have my A/C running 24-7 but nonetheless it’s fall y’all! Every year we have a big family thanksgiving dinner with my husbands family and it’s my job to bring the paper products, banana pudding, spiral ham, and pewter turkey

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4 September 24th, 2013 in Let's Design

Whimsical Wonderland

I love this room! I didn’t want to leave it! I wanted to have a slumber party in there before I left! I thoroughly enjoyed custom designing every element of the room from the bedding to the cornice boards, to the roman shades to the custom painted furniture, art and beyond. I describe the style of this room as girly mad hatter. It is pops of high contrasting colors, with dashes of the unexpected such as girly fabric with spiders and moths rather than butterflies and fairies :-) Enjoy!


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4 August 1st, 2013 in Let's Design

Biloxi Yacht Club Event

This was an event designed by Brandie Dickerson Designs at The Biloxi Yacht Club celebrating the lives of four special people. A mother and grandmothers birthday, a baby’s christening and in memory of a beloved brother.


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+ August 1st, 2013 in Let's Design

Off to College!



We see these little dressers everywhere.  Small, unassuming-like a shy girl with no makeup on… Well, not anymore honey, this wallflower has bloomed!  First of all, this little dresser, like it’s owner is destined for greatness because they decided to go to LSU!  The client wanted the dresser to coordinate with her super cute bedding.  So I dry brushed two coats of a blue then a green over the white, waxed it removed the snoozefest that was the old hardware, puttied the center holes on the top drawer, added the red accent knobs, then hand sanded the antique brass pulls.  Seems straightforward enough right???  Ugh, NO!  The wood on that dresser was liken to the hull of a battle ship or a rednecks heels in summer-I broke off all but two of the screw heads on the pulls after they were already screwed in-thus I had to figure out how to get them out without any heads!  I beat, I banged, I prayed, I threatened, I drilled,  I  cussed but only in my head where Jesus and children couldn’t hear it, I called my husband who was three hours away for a counseling session, I swore off furniture redo’s at least six times, I let a lady who happened by in a dress who weighed about 90 lbs. beat on the dresser for a minute-because she just looked like she wanted to beat something.

 college dresser after

  Finally in an act of sheer exhaustion I walked away.  No longer the shy girl in the corner, she thought she was all that and could treat me anyway she pleased-well I pulled myself together and I  had news for her, I still had a shred of dignity and a drill bit left.  So I drilled like I was BP trying to make all that claim money back!  Me and the little dresser eventually made peace with each other, the client loved her, and no doubt their both turning heads as we speak-hopefully wealthy heads because college is expensive!  What furniture did you have in college?  Did you go all out and have matching bedding with your roommate?  College dorms in the south can be some pretty swanky places.  Mine was awesome it looked just like my room at home-oh wait it was my room at home-because I went to Jr. college right down the road :-)

Thanks for Dreaming and Scheming with me,



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4 July 31st, 2013 in Let's Design

Distressed Table Redo

From bland to stunningly distressed.


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2 June 1st, 2013 in Let's Design

Cottage Chic Dresser

We love this redesign from a stark, dark dresser, to a beach fresh feeling dresser, in a vintage cottage style. Perfect for the intended beach house it now enjoys! Breezy…

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+ May 31st, 2013 in Let's Design

Distressed to Impress!

A vintage dresser with little personality is transformed into a breathtaking centerpiece. Custom paint treatment included hand painted, chippy and distressed in off white.


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+ May 1st, 2013 in Let's Design

Table Redesign

I loved the details on this table before but the transformation brought out the immense amount of details and modernized the look.

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+ February 10th, 2013 in Let's Design

Boy + Girl = Dart Board Redo?

Once there was a boy, he had a bud light dart board in his foyer, boy met girl, boy married girl, Brandie Dickerson Designs helped their marriage and their foyer by transforming the dart board THE END


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+ February 1st, 2013 in Let's Design
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