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Biloxi Yacht Club Event

This was an event designed by Brandie Dickerson Designs at The Biloxi Yacht Club celebrating the lives of four special people. A mother and grandmothers birthday, a baby’s christening and in memory of a beloved brother.

The clients flew in from London, England to celebrate this special occasion with their large extended family. My favorite part was the special children’s area I created, it was a total success as the kids never left it! Special thanks to my design assistant Misty Crawley, and all artisans that worked on the project to make it a success.

This rooms carpet, columns and extensive amount of interior doors pose a challenge.


Me doing what I love to do! I would love to design your next special event or space!














I love designing cakes with fresh flowers. These hydrangeas were beautiful!  The baby’s christening cupcakes. They were airbrushed with a delicate iridescent blue and were wrapped with beautifully latticed cupcake wrappers with cross cut outs. The children and adults alike enjoyed these.

(Professional photos by Sonja Foshee)

The cross cut outs on the cupcake wrappers continue the christening theme from the silver cross charms which were attached to the glass stems with the delicate green ribbon.


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My kiddo’s getting in on the fun! They do not take kindly to me designing kid spaces that they don’t get to be a part of!















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