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Atlanta Bound for Haven!

We are on our way to our second Haven Blog Conference, held August 1 – 3rd.  We can’t wait to learn all about blogging, DIY, SEO, and will post pics and more as soon as I return! Haven Bound Baby!!! See you in Atlanta!

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Stacy Risenmay 8/1/13

Wahoo! You got it up and running. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow :)

lifeuncaged 8/10/13

Look my famous blogger friend-I finally figured out how to sign in to my wordpress page and reply to comments-it’s a big day over here at the blog! It was so great seeing your beautiful perfectly porcelain face at Haven!

Brandie Dickerson 8/20/13

Stacy, I am going to get with you in about a month to critique the blog- I figure I should have the entire blog in a mess by then!

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/20/13

Now I’m just replying to see if I successfully made my name appear different on my profile when I comment :-)

Serenea @ Thrift Diving 8/2/13

Hey! It was great meeting you last night at the Haven reception! Hope you had a good time. I think we got the party started down there, didn’t we? LOL. Hope to see you tonight!

Thrift Diving

lifeuncaged 8/10/13

Hey! It was so nice meeting you at Haven-sorry it took me so long to reply I just figured out how to!haha

Jordan@the2seasons 8/7/13

It was so nice to meet you at Haven. I am still laughing when I think about your experience in Upstate NY. I doubt you will want to come back but if you do you will have to let me know. I am already looking forward to Haven next year. Have a great week.

lifeuncaged 8/10/13

It was so nice meeting you at Haven! I would love to come it would just have to be smack dab in the middle of summer!!! If you ever want to truck on down to MS I would be more than glad to have you!

Kristin @ 8/8/13

Nice to meet you at Haven Brandi! xo Kristin

lifeuncaged 8/10/13

So Nice to meet you as well Kristin!

Daune | Cottage in the Oaks 8/22/13

Brandie….it was so nice meeting you at Haven a few weeks ago. Hope you’ve had a great summer…and are getting ready to enjoy fall! Blessings…..

Brandie Dickerson @ Dreaming and Scheming Blog 8/23/13

So nice meeting you as well! Thanks for stopping by the blog- I haven’t gotten to really start blogging yet but I am getting closer!

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